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Business Insurance Minneapolis MN

Is Your Business Appropriately Covered?

Business insurance in Minneapolis, MN

Think your business is beyond insurance? Not likely. It doesn’t matter how careful you are, how harmless your product is, or how few people you’re directly responsible for. There’s always a risk that something could go wrong, and if you aren’t prepared, that mishap could cost you hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. If you want to stay solvent for the long haul, business insurance is every bit as important as having an accountant and a lawyer.

One Source Insurance makes sure you have this essential coverage. As an experienced insurance broker based in Minneapolis, we have a long history of protecting businesses of all stripes in one of America’s most vibrant economies. With our help, there’s no disaster your company won’t be prepared for.

Essential Advice on Business Insurance

One Source is committed to making sure all our clients know what business insurance they need, and that starts with offering one essential piece of advice: never cut corners on coverage. As much as you want to save money on premiums and deductibles, it’s not worth the massive amounts you’ll have to pay for uncovered losses. Thus when looking for business insurance, narrow down your options to those that cover all your needs. Only after that point can you look for the most affordable plan.

In addition to emphasizing comprehensive coverage, we recommend that you work with an experienced insurance broker. Brokers can compare all of the policies on the market and make sure your company is getting the best coverage for the best price. We also recommend purchasing coverage only from companies with an A or A+ rating. As an insurance broker that only works with providers rated A or higher, One Source can handle all your business coverage needs.

Insurance for Your Unique Needs

When shopping for insurance, it’s important to take into account the unique needs of your business. One Source Insurance has experience finding coverage for every variety of company, including:

Condo & Townhome Associations

Condo and townhome associations need insurance for a wide range of contingencies. These include not only damage to the buildings, but also liabilities from any residents or visitors who are injured inside, as well as losses due to crime, equipment failure, or sewer problems.

Clinic Insurance

Medical clinics need malpractice insurance, which protect their doctors and nurses in the event that they make a potentially catastrophic medical mistake. They also need to insure their equipment, which is often essential for their work and must be replaced immediately if it breaks.

Bar & Restaurant Insurance

Besides needing general business coverage, bars and restaurants must be insured against crimes that occur on their premises, especially those that cause injury to customers. If they serve alcohol, they also need liquor liability insurance, which protects them against the harmful actions of patrons whom they’ve sold alcoholic beverages to.

Property Manager Insurance

Property managers are charged with maintaining properties for tenants and owners. If they underestimate the amount of maintenance work they need to do, both the owner and the tenants can sue them for negligence. They thus need errors and omissions insurance to protect against this situation, as well as general liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, and other standard business coverage.

Business Insurance Coverage Offered

Commercial General Liability

Commercial Auto

Commercial Property

Excess Liability / Commercial Umbrella

Worker’s Compensation

Errors & Omissions


Directors & Officers


And more

Why settle for a quote from one company when you can work with an independent insurance agent and get quotes from many A and A+ rated insurance companies?

One Source takes the time to understand your business’s specific liabilities, and makes sure you have the exact coverage you need for them. From general liability and property insurance to specific coverage for malpractice and liquor, we have the knowledge and expertise to protect you fully.

If you’re shopping for business or commercial insurance in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul you have choices. Choose an Independent Insurance Agent – we’ll shop for you. Get a complimentary consultation today. Call: 612-444-6277 Or Get A Quote.

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