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If you live in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, you probably already know that you can never underestimate the value of good insurance. Whether you’re shopping insurance for your car, your business, your home, or your finances you need the assistance of qualified independent insurance brokers. A comprehensive insurance policy can easily make the difference between financial success or financial ruin for you and all that rely on you.

Why Choose An Independent Insurance Agent? Simply put, you get more choices and chances are good that we’ll save you money.  One Source Insurance Brokers makes sure you have the coverage you need to weather even the most difficult circumstances. An insurance agency based in Minneapolis, we provide you access to more than 30 insurance carriers, all of whom have A or A+ ratings. Thus whether you need protection for your home, your business, your car, or your family, we will find you the most comprehensive coverage on the market at a price you can afford.

A Cornucopia of Insurance Coverage Options

As an insurance broker, One Source finds you coverage by comparing policies from a wide range of carriers. When you shop with a captive insurance company, you only receive one quote. We specialize in multiple types of insurance, including:

  • Auto Insurance – Many drivers underestimate how much coverage they need in the event of a serious crash. One Source Insurance will advise you on the best level of coverage, and then find the most affordable policy that provides that protection.
  • Business Insurance – From workers’ compensation to malpractice coverage to general liability insurance, we protect the Twin Cities’ vibrant businesses from any contingency.
  • Condo Association Insurance – Business Condo Association coverage is something that can be tailored to meet your needs.  We have years of experience helping property owners and property managers select the best coverage for their needs.
  • Disability InsuranceOften referred to as DI, disability income insurance or income protection. It insures against the risk that a disability creates when the worker can no longer complete the core functions of their work.
  • Home Insurance – We can find you policies that not only cover standard damages to your house, but also protect you against personal injury claims, basement flooding, and even earthquakes.
  • Life Insurance – If something happened to you, would your family’s finances be at risk? By finding you affordable, comprehensive life insurance, we keep all your dependents safe.
  • Recreational Vehicle Insurance – Twin Cities people enjoy their recreation time, whether it’s boat insurance, motorcycle insurance, RV or snow mobile insurance, let us comparison shop for you.

One Source is committed to making the insurance process as simple and stress-free for all our customers. Once we know what your coverage needs are, our expert agents will take care of the whole shopping process. You can just sit back, relax, and feel confident that you’ll be fully covered.

The One Source Advantage

At One Source Insurance, we understand your desire to save money on your coverage. But we’re also aware of the pitfalls of buying the cheapest plan on the market. Often, the least expensive plan is also the one that provides the least coverage. If you’re not careful, you could find yourself paying tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars down the road, all to save twenty or thirty bucks a year on your premiums.

One Source balances the need for comprehensive coverage with the desire to save money. Rather than simply purchasing the cheapest plan on the market for you, we compare prices and policies from a wide range of different insurers. We then narrow our search down to the policies that provide coverage comprehensive enough to protect you under any reasonable circumstances. Finally, we find the least expensive plans that remain. Because we’re comparing policies from so many different carriers, it’s often possible to find highly affordable insurance even while only looking at the most comprehensive plans. In this way, we can save you money without making any sacrifice in the quality of your coverage.

In all these endeavors, One Source strives to understand your specific needs and find the coverage that best matches them. With us by your side, you’ll never lose sleep over finding the best insurance brokers in the Minneapolis, Saint Paul and the Twin Cities area.

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